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The EP.

Artist: The Inglorious Poet
Release Date: 29-5-2018
Genre: Hip-Hop


1. Mine For The Taking
2. Beat Killaz ft. Ruste Juxx, Sonny Blak, Ciphurphace, Dvious Wiser & Lou Slugga
3. Witness Peace
4. Saved The Day ft. Kat Kleve
5. Home
6. What Made 'Em Think
7. Real Ones ft. Copywrite

About Album

The first release of many from The Inglorious Poet, with a couple more EP’s written and ready to go. Heavily produced by Bristols 9th Wonder B-Lash. This EP gives you an insight to the mind of The Inglorious Poet, from personal struggles or true stories and some what conscious views.

Including a feature from the London based Kat Kleve, who is making her mark on the industry as part of a hugely talented female band called Maid.

The EP. also features the well know and well respected Ruste Juxx from New York who features on a track called ‘Beat Killaz’ along with other talented emcees in Sonny Black, Ciphurphace, Dvious Wiser and Lou Slugga.

The underground battle emcee Copywrite also makes an appearance on the final track on EP labelled ‘Real Ones’.